CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is leading the way in energy efficiency. From inception, the Resort has had its own Reverse Osmosis plant to create potable water for the Resort and island residents.  The Hydroponic Farm, the first in the world when the Resort was built in 1999, saves water through the use of recirculation systems and drip irrigation, recycling drainage to feed the outdoor plants.

In 2015, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, with Inovateus Solar, completed the installation of a 1.0-megawatt (MW) solar power generation plant. The solar system uses a battery backup system to store energy. This now provides an uninterruptible supply of energy to the Resort's Reverse Osmosis plant throughout the day to produce over 300,000 gallons a day from the sun and the sea to the residents on the island, guests of the Resort and irrigation water for the golf course.

Additionally, Anguilla recently joined the Carbon War Room Ten Island Challenge to reduce the Caribbean carbon impact. Inovateus and CuisinArt are pleased to be the first to take a significant, positive step toward renewable energy. The new solar plant saves 1.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Moving forward, development permissions are in place for the next phase, to expand the solar power plant to 3.5 Megawatt.




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